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Semi-Permeable Peel Ply

Dahltexx® is an air permeable peel ply membrane which can be used for techniques such as toolside breathing and bag side breathing to aid the removal of air but still contain resin. Due to the micro-porous structure of the Dahltexx® membrane, it will allow the passage of air and restrict the flow of resin.


  • Improve laminate quality by releasing trapped air from resin infusions.
  • Reduce resin waste by blocking resin flow into vacuum manifolds.
  • Infuse more complex parts faster and with simpler resin flow lines.
Name Material type Maximum use temperature Weight Color
Dahltexx® SP-2 Nylon 177°C (350°F) 140 g/m² (4.2 oz/yd²) Light blue fabric side / White membrane side
Dahltexx® SP-3 Polyester 190°C (375°F) 115 g/m² (3.4 oz/yd²) Orange fabric side / White membrane side


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