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Resin Infusion

Peel Ply for Resin Infusion

Peel Ply for Resin Infusion

Our peel plies, used to texture the surface of a composite laminate are helpful for secondary bonding or painting of the composite laminate. Release ply fabrics may reduce or eliminate the need for sanding or abrading. The fabric is scoured and heat set to remove contaminates and reduce shrinkage.

Our Econo peel plies are designed to work in resin infusion or hand lay-up processes. Econostitch® assists or eliminates the need for sanding or abrading on your composite laminate.

Stik-Ply® is a ply with an acrylic adhesive coating. The peel ply can be applied easily to complex surfaces without spray adhesives.

Heavy duty versions are stronger to resist tearing in tougher applications.

Release coated peel ply are coated with a silicone release agent. It provides superior release to plain peel plies because the coating prevents the fabric from bonding to the laminate while producing a textured surface. It will provide easy release from most prepregs and resin systems. All coated peel plies have the potential to transfer.



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