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Release Coated Peel Ply

Release coated peel ply are coated with a silicone release agent. It provides superior release to plain peel plies because the coating prevents the fabric from bonding to the laminate while producing a textured surface. It will provide easy release from most prepregs and resin systems. All coated peel plies have the potential to transfer.


  • Release coated versions provide easier release to save time.
  • Economy versions available for low temperature applications.
  • Peel plies strip off of cures laminates leaving a textured surface, reducing time spent hand finishing.
  • Fiberglass retains its strength through high temperature cures and post cures for easier removal after cure.
Name Material type Release coating Maximum use temperature Weight Color
Bleeder Lease® А Nylon Silicone 232°C (450°F) 80 g/m² (2.34 oz/yd²) Green
Bleeder Lease® B Nylon Silicone 232°C (450°F) 62 g/m² (1.83 oz/yd²) Green
Bleeder Lease® C Fiberglass Silicone 427°C (800°F) 299 g/m² (8.8 oz/yd²) Green
Bleeder Lease® E Fiberglass Silicone 427°C (800°F) 126 g/m² (3.7 oz/yd²) Green
Bleeder Lease® G Polyester Silicone 204°C (400°F) 83 g/m² (2.45 oz/yd²) Green
Econolease Nylon Silicone 204°C (400°F) 61 g/m² (1.8 oz/yd²) Light blue


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